Defeating Death : Cryonics and the Future of Emergency Medicine

Cryonics is an extension of emergency medicine.

It’s been said that today’s younger generation may be the first ever to have the possibility of living long enough to live forever.

Anti-aging and life extension technologies are rapidly accelerating, and some scientists, doctors and futurists believe that we are just a few decades away from being able to extend our lifespans indefinitely.

But what happens if you’re not in that younger generation? Or perhaps you are – but what happens if you die in an accident?

Cryonics – the low-temperature preservation of the human body in hopes of future revival – is the topic of this episode of Remarkably Human Radio, and here to talk about it is Dr. Max More, President of the Alcor Life Extension Foundation.

Dr. More tells us exactly what cryonics is and is not, helps us to separate science fact from science fiction, and shows us why the idea is not at all as far fetched as some might think.  Today’s show is a thorough and captivating introduction to the science, philosophy and practice of cryonics.

Our bodies age and die because it’s too expensive for evolution to build a body that will last indefinitely.


  • What is cryonics and can it work?
  • Why “legal death” is not actual death, and whether or not cryonics patients are considered dead.
  • The two things that everyone know about cryonics – that are actually wrong.
  • How cryonics patients are cooled and stored, and why cryonics is not “freezing.”
  • Whether or not cryonics is compatible with religion.
  • How even well-intentioned, educated scientists fall prey to misunderstandings and misconceptions about cryonics.
  • How medicine currently and regularly cryopreserves dozens of tissues and organs.
  • What CT scans and electron microscopy shows about the quality of cryonic preservations.
  • The sophisticated procedures used to preserve patients.
  • Laws regarding death, dying and the transport of patients.
  • The cost associated with cryonics procedures and storage.
  • The important difference between immortality and indefinite lifespan.
  • Why you might want to live indefinitely – and why some people might not.



We’re not promising eternal life.  What we’re doing is giving people the chance to carry on living.


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Cryonics is actually very conservative medicine.

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  • Bill Bryant

    Roderick’s fourth installment of Remarkably Human and just getting better. Brilliant conversation on cryonics. We are so close to finding a cure for what you have and as Roderick said, what if you died one year, one month one day before that break through? Dr. Max More has a solution, cryonics. If you ever wondered about cryonics or think you know about cryonics, then you are going to want to listen to this episode. A lot of questions answered.

    • Roderick Russell

      Thanks for the comments and compliments Bill! You’re right – lots of questions answered. And lots of myths busted. Max was a great guest.

  • Solomon Roskin

    Great podcast

    • Roderick Russell

      Thanks Solomon! Glad you enjoyed it. Lots more like it are on their way.

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