How Top Performers Think Differently to Gain the Competitive Edge


Today’s show is an incredible one!  We had a few Skype issues so I spent some extra time cleaning up the audio for you, but secretly I was using it as an opportunity to listen to my guest, Dr. Stan Beecham, over and over again.

Elite Minds BookDr. Beecham is a very successful sports psychologist who’s been in the industry virtually from the birth of the field.  He’s also the author of a recent book called Elite Minds and has a lot to teach anyone – whether you like sports or not.

If you’re interested in performing your best in any field, be it business, sports, or life in general, this conversation is for you.


  • How belief – more than training and talent combined – is responsible for your performance in every aspect of life.
  • Abandoning your ego to improve performance.
  • Expectation vs. Hope.  There’s a HUGE difference between expecting to win and wanting to win.
  • How perfection and mistakes go hand-in-hand.
  • Why professionals never have two “bad shots” and why you need to adopt this thinking too.
  • My own recent “bad experience” on stage and my difficulty recovering from it.
  • Why accidents don’t “just happen” and why some of us are more prone to them than others.
  • How your words shape your reality.
  • The dangers of identifying with your emotional states.
  • Why lack of motivation, passion or drive is not your problem, and what is at the core of your struggles.
  • How we ironically teach our children to be afraid when we think we’re teaching them to be safe.
  • Overcoming fear and anxiety with mindfulness and metacognition.
  • How the “self esteem” movement deeply damaged many of us.
  • How we’ve lost sight of the “team” in favor of the “player” and why this is dangerous.
  • How to use your competition to encourage you rather than discourage you.
  • The difference between training to win a medal and training to make a team?
  • The difference between expectation and belief and how it can sabotage you.
  • The power of setting big, scary goals with a high chance of failure.




I’m super excited that you took the time to listen (and read) this incredible episode with Dr. Stan Beecham.  If you enjoyed the show and want to hear more episodes, the single biggest way that you can help out is to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes, leave a review and share it with all of your friends (you’ll find sharing icons at the top and bottom of this page).

It’s truly an honor to be recording this show for you, and as long as you’re listening, I aim to continue providing incredible, thought-provoking and downright cool interviews with exceptional people.

See you next week!



  • Jeremy

    Fantastic episode! Thanks so much for introducing me to Dr. Beecham. I figured out a bunch of fears and low expectations I had for myself, just from the episode alone! I just got the book and can’t wait to dive in TODAY!

    • Roderick Russell

      Jeremy, you’re going to LOVE the book! So glad you picked it up. I am STILL returning to my copy on a regular basis for rereading, motivation and to clarify the thoughts in my own head. It’s great stuff. Such a find.

  • Jeremy

    BTW, I’d love to see a 2 minute screencast video of how you do your daily chart and graphs. I know it’s probably so simple it’s embarrassing I’m even asking, but I’d love a quick glance!

  • Mike Littlewood (@momentofman)

    Holy crap this was mind blowing! Just the rapid point to point pace makes this one I’ll have to listen to many times. Thanks for what will be months of research and practice.
    On a side note I was so engrossed I never noticed any audio issues

    • Jeremy

      Yeah, I was actually going to mention the same thing. I didn’t notice them the first time and only one tiny glitch the second, only cause you mentioned it in the beginning! One thing I like to so, it’s about progress, NOT perfection! I’m glad Rodrick released it anyways, even though I’m sure the perfection part was totally crazy by the audio issues.

      • Roderick Russell

        Thanks guys! I get crazy obsessed with details whenever I’m creating something, so I’m sure that the audio issues were more glaring to me than anyone else. The whole “you’re your own worst critic” thing and all. But I’m thrilled to hear that it wasn’t an issue for others! And yes, getting it published was a big moment for me, because I myself am still trying hard to shake the perfection bug. This was a major psychological triumph for me in that department! 😉

    • Roderick Russell

      Sharing it was truly my pleasure Mike! As is reading your feedback. I think that Stan Beecham made some fans with this interview. 😉

  • Gabriel

    Very interesting podcast. It reminds me of some opinions from Tin Noakes.

    What looks over optimistic to me is the thinking that fear is just a problem of beliefs, expectations or mindset. Take people with anxiety or panic for example. There are also biological and genetic causes that researchers are finding now. have a look at
    Hippocampal Hyperexcitability Underlies Enhanced Fear Memories in TgNTRK3, a Panic Disorder Mouse Model

    (yes I know we are not animals)

    Also, if beliefs or exposure worked all the time why is like top performers like Barbara Streissand at a point develop performance anxiety?


  • Tomas

    Are there pending comments?

  • colin beale

    Afternoon Roderick, Did you ever get around to publishing your daily charting methods? would be facinating to have an insight.

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